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Reuben was a Procrastinator

I guess my procrastination is a big issue with me, because I’m seeing the same thing in this chapter today as I did in yesterday’s!

Today in Judges chapter 5 I’m struck by the contrast between Reuben and Zebulun. The Message paraphrase of the Bible paints it in clear modern terms in verses 15-18.

“Captains marched down from Makir, from Zebulun high-ranking leaders came down … But in Reuben’s divisions there was much second-guessing. Why all those campfire discussions? Diverted and distracted, Reuben’s divisions couldn’t make up their minds …. But Zebulun risked life and limb, defied death.”

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have any problems relating to the whole talking a task into the ground and not getting a single thing accomplished as a result…and left to wonder why!

Second-guessing. What if I fail? What if it’s not of God? What if it turns out to be a waste of time? What if it doesn’t have good ROI’s? I can’t do it. etc.

But oh how I love Zebulun!
marched down…
came down…
even the high-ranking leaders…
to jeopardize their lives!

Don’t you just love Zebulun-type folks! Energetic, vibrant, can-do kind of people. Willing to risk their reputation, success rate, even their very lives to march forward in the Kingdom of God?

Reuben procrastinated away his opportunity to be part of a victory.
Zebulun participated in, and obtained the victory for himself and others.

Lord, oh that I might be from Zebulun’s tribe in 2008!