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Righteous Indignation? or Prejudice?

Well, considering the trend Ephraim seems to have of always showing up after a battle is fought, and then complaining that he didn’t get to be a part of it, I am inclined to think this is righteous indignation.

I mean, the Ephraimites not only complain, they accuse Jephthah and the Gileadites and also outright threaten to burn down their houses. So, who can blame poor Jephthah for setting about to pay Ephraim back for some of the choices he made.

But the part I’m most challenged by in Judges 12, is the judging over a single issue. In this case, if you can’t say “Shibboleth” the way I say it, I’ll excommunicate you, or ignore you, or snub you, or just outright murder you.

So I sit here wondering, what issue is it with me? What one particular misstep am I quick to judge, and build up a barrier straight away?

  • Judgmentalism? (never mind the fact I’m judging what judgmentalism is!)
  • Gossip?
  • Absolutism? (especially about social or political issues)
  • Legalism?
  • etc?

I mean, I do want to be discerning and all, but to kill my brother for his speech impediment or accent? I would NEVER! (cough, cough)

The thankful thing is, that whether righteous indignation, or just outright prejudice, or just a case of the last nerve being walked on, Jephthah still somehow ends up in the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11.

So, even seeing my shortcomings, I can cling to the promise that “He shall perfect in me the work He has started!” And even work me in the kind of righteousness that does not feel the need to slaughter 42,000 people who threaten to burn down my house!

Gracious Lord, thank You for not only putting up with my speech impediments, but for Your great patience with my besetting sin(s). Work in me, I pray, that same kind of holy patience with others.