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Week 16: 1 Kings 1-11: Solomon

Oh Solomon, Solomon.

What a two-sided coin he was. One bright and glimmering, the other all scuffed up. And yet, the image on this coin is the Lord’s. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and render unto God what is God’s. I’m sure we all have difficulties following through on that (on both counts!)

Solomon led Israel during its height of riches and expansion. He was considered the wisest man on earth. Arrayed in such glory that only the flowers of the earth seem to compare. A bright and shiny testimony for the Lord to the surrounding nations. Granted with the gift of wisdom, and yet he still fell headlong into folly.

If nothing else, it should demonstrate to us our utter dependency, not on our own wisdom or schemes, but on the power of the Holy Spirit in Christ.

Oh Solomon, Solomon.

Click on the picture of this week’s handouts covering 1 Kings 1-11, Solomon’s Life:

Queen of Sheba discovering the extent of Solomon's wisdom and riches

Queen of Sheba discovering the extent of Solomon’s wisdom and riches