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What if Deborah was a Procrastinator?

I’ve made many resolutions this year…
money management–get some;
weight management–lose some; and
time management–make some.

Of course, we all know you can’t “make time,” but I do desire that 2008 will the year I “take time” to do the “good thing,”…no, scratch that,…to do the “best thing.”

Today’s chapter is Judges 4. Of course I love this chapter, it’s about a woman named Deborah, who sat under her palm tree and administered wisdom and sound judgment generously to all who came to her. Sounds like a dreamy job, but required special, God-given, qualifications!

But the verse that strikes me the most today is verse 14:

Then Deborah said to Barak,
“Up! For this is the day
in which the Lord
has delivered Sisera [the enemy]
into your hand.
The Lord has gone out before you!”

And what if Barak or Deborah had a headache the day the Lord called? Or stayed up too late the night before? Or for me, what if it were a football Sunday and I didn’t have TiVo?

This…is the day!

Procrastination would have been costly.

Deliverance would have been missed.
Freedom from oppression never experienced.
Victory left untasted.

I’m wandering to myself, is there a deliverance, or a freedom, or a victory that my procrastination is robbing from me?

The Lord has gone out before you…I don’t want to be left behind playing Bejeweled!

Lord, drive a nail through procrastination in my life. Amen.