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The Costliness of Isolation

What is a person suppose to make of Judges 18? There are many a good lesson to be had from the migration of the Danites away from the land the Lord gave them. Thinking they knew better, they left the call of God to follow their own plans.

Their demise ends up being one of unhampered idolatry that never seems to find a cure, until they have totally disappeared from the closing book of Revelation 7. There is no seal of God on the foreheads of the Danites.

But today, I am challenged more by the people of Laish (located in the orange northern region marked Dan on the map found in yesterday’s posting). I’m sure I have idolatry that needs to be contended with, but the issue of isolation or withdrawal from accountability seems the greater likelihood.

In verse seven the vulnerability most notable to the enemy of Laish was that:

“they dwelt safely, quiet and secure. There were no rulers in the land who might put them to shame for anything. They had no ties with anyone.”

We often think we would enjoy time to ourselves. No one telling me what to do, or challenging me, or sharpening me. What’s the big deal with fellowship, anyway?

Verse 28 shows the result of the isolated living that the people of Laish engaged in:

“There was no deliverer, because it was far from Sidon, and they had no ties with anyone.”

And so it was, the idolatrous, rebel-rousing, God-defying Danites were able to sneak in and strike them by the edge of the sword and burn the city with fire. Laish was so razed that Dan reconstructed and gave it the new name of Dan!

No doubt, isolation seems like the easy way to go. Do your own thing, when you want to do it, the way you want to do it. But this chapter shows me…it’s costly.

O Lord, help me to be content where You want me, and not to go searching for greener pastures outside of Your will. Please help me to establish ties with other people, and avoid the isolation black hole.

PS: brace yourself for tomorrow’s chapter…it’s a real gut wrencher