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One Thing for Sure…He does Restore 2x as Much!

Zechariah 9 is loaded!

Some say it speaks against nations that follow Alexander the Great’s path of destruction, thus making him the fulfillment of this chapter in 331 BC. It makes for some very interesting reading to cross these two elements: 
  1. The Great Greek’s conquering path
  2. the nations and cities mentioned in Zechariah 9:1-8

especially when you consider that Alex spared Jerusalem (compare to 9:8)!

(See Josephus’ interesting account of this in his eleventh book, Chapter 8, paragraph 4-5)
If the first eight verses are about Alexander’s march through the regions surrounding Israel, it makes verse 9 all the more stark as it describes Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem as “lowly and riding on a donkey!” (See Matthew 21 & John 12)
And ever since Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the Gospel has been riding on throughout the earth from sea to shining sea!
The rest of the chapter carries the idea that the Lord Himself leads the battle in the end. Both the Bible and the Koran have the idea of the holy war – which Islam calls Jihad – but there is a huge difference between the idea of the holy war in the Bible and in Islam. 
  • Jesus alone carries out the Biblical holy war – never His people. 
  • In Islam, the Jihad is the responsibility of every good Muslim.
God will, and does, protect His people who are covered by the blood of the Lamb. And we “will sparkle in His hand like jewels in a crown!” How precious is His mercy and grace!
Lord Jesus, thank You for conquering our hearts by Your love and beauty! Thank You for protecting Your house (for it is all of us). Father we ask that You would be just as zealous to protect Your name and reputation in our own lives.

Thank You especially for verse 12! 
Return to your fortress, O prisoners of hope; 
even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.
To be Your captive is to be a “prisoner of hope!” And You do more than just doubly restore, You go so much beyond that in our lives. 

So I ask Lord, that we would live Beyond Ourselves, especially towards those who live in the Bright Zone. Help St. Philip’s be a world-changing factor for the Bright Zone. Be with the leaders tonight as they unveil our intention in this outreach. I pray that the Harrington family will be one of many who are impacted by this ministry.

And help me to successfully and purposefully get into prison, as You deem best. We love You Lord. Amen.