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…But By My Spirit!

Zechariah 4

Not by Might (collective strength)
Not by Power (individual strength)
But by My Spirit, saith the Lord (God’s strength)!
Zerubabbel had faltered in the great work of reconstrcution and had practically lost heart. Here he is encouraged to renew his efforts and persevere until the task is finished. 
He might be weak and worn, but none of his deficiencies could hinder him from finishing his lifework, if only his spirit was kindled with divine fire and fed by the grace of the Holy Spirit! 
Let us never despise the days of small things, for from them God can build the great!

FYI: Just a note I once saw, as to why the oil is a good picture of the Spirit:
  • Oil lubricates when used for that purpose – there is little friction and wear among those who are lubricated by the Spirit of God
  • Oil heals and was used as a medicinal treatment in Biblical times (Luke 10:34) – the Spirit of God brings healing and restoration
  • Oil lights when it is burned in a lamp – where the Spirit of God is there is light
  • Oil warms when it is used as fuel for a flame – where the Spirit of God is there is warmth and comfort
  • Oil invigorates when used to massage – the Holy Spirit invigorates us for His service
  • Oil adorns when applied as a perfume – the Holy Spirit adorns us and makes us more pleasant to be around
  • Oil polishes when used to shine metal – the Holy Spirit wipes away our grime and smoothes out our rough edges

Lord Jesus, we definitely want to be a people energized and fueled by the Spirit of God. You mention the work of two anointed ones in this chapter that stand to serve You. I pray that St. Philip’s would plug into the power of Your Spirit and also be as one of the two anointed ones (olive trees) ministering to others. 

Bless the efforts in the Bright Zone, and with those who are unemployed (that You would be their joy), and especially for the Harrington family. The whatever situation they are in, that it would drive them to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen!