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3 Traits from Ruth 3

What a man of integrity Boaz is proving to be! First of all, he remained in Bethlehem and endured the famine, while his relative, Elimelech did not have the faith to stay put in the House of Bread.

Secondly, he is faithful to be working the fields. He is faithful to his workers, blessing them as he speaks to them. He is faithful to Naomi. He is faithful to Ruth and other gleaners. He is faithful to nearer kinsman. And to think, this is all taking place in the days the judges ruled!
Today’s chapter of Ruth 3 is so refreshing. It is such a delight to read this portion through purity’s eyes. That things happened exactly as the words tell it, and nothing of import has been censored out.
I’m struck by how much caring is going on in this little book. We could even say that Elimelech was trying to care for his family by leaving Bethlehem. Naomi caring for her daughter-in-laws. Ruth caring for Naomi. Boaz caring for Ruth. And in this chapter we see Naomi caring for Ruth. 
It seems that legally Naomi would have first dibs on Mr. Man. And yet there is no hint in Naomi’s dealings that she would withhold a possibility of a husband from Ruth.
And Boaz seems as if he must be an older gentleman, for he marvels that Ruth has not gone after younger fellows. The simplicity of two faithful people meeting and falling in love…I find it to be thoroughly refreshing.
How many of us long to be called virtuous? I love that word. It’s an uncommon word perhaps because it is an uncommon trait. 
Proverbs 31 speaks of the virtuous woman. Yet only Ruth is called such. And reading through this book with Ruth’s characteristics in mind, we will find a mountain of evidence to support that assessment.
Faithfulness, Caring & Virtue…3 challenges from Ruth 3 today. 
  • Faithful to God’s Word
  • Caring to Other People
  • Virtuous in my life

Come Holy Spirit! These three traits cannot exist in my life without Your presence. Help me be a Ruth in my dealings with people, and to be as submissive to good counsel as she was. Virtuous, what would that look like on me?…lead me on oh Holy Spirit, to be more like Jesus Christ.