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The Floor is Laid!

Well, after the Lord and Cristy helped me get some free flooring at Home Depot (thank you Eric at the Eldorado store, and for whoever opened the packages!), it has all been finally put into place. Laid down a sheet of plywood for a subfloor and then just cut the laminate to fit right on the top. It is all floating with nothing nailed or glued down. We’ll see how that works out sliding-wise as it is used. Right now the fit is so snug, it isn’t going anywhere, but who knows what weather changes will do to it!

Laminate Flooring in the van

Laminate Flooring in the back of the van…now all it needs is a chandelier!


The routing task is quite interesting. I’m thinking at the latest, I’ll leave January 2015 (oh, that feels soooo long from now) but I do a Bible Study discussion forum every Sunday to talk about the week’s readings from a year long chronological bible reading program of only one chapter a day (yep, God’s Story in only 370 chapters). That program finishes up December 20th!

So if I leave in January, that alters where I start (in the south). If somehow I can start earlier than that…that puts me up in the north (no a/c don’t forget!). But even if I were to know my starting point…there are just so many options and things to do. The more I study it the more I wonder if one year is enough!!

Here are three inspiring websites regarding routing:

1) This whole website is quite good!

2) Looks like they have a book series called Road Trips. The nice addition I’d like to make to my route that is used by the author of these books, is the idea of not Interstate highways along the trip…not even through Kansas or Nebraska! Interstate Highways were intentionally built to all look the same!

3) Though they didn’t hit every state or national park, it definitely has a lot of highlights. I just wonder how long it took them to do their circuit!

And then I found a web based app/program that will help forge a route for you that I have yet to investigate fully (life is such an interruption to this project at times!) but it looks like I put my end destination with waypoints entered throughout. I will put all the national parks in as my waypoints. From Frisco all the way to Hot Springs, AR with every National Park as a waypoint.

Of course, I will let you all know how that progresses! Routing will be a continual work in progress, but the next step for the van is to figure out a bed frame that will afford me space and storage and comfort!  (I’m thinking murphy style right now)

But for now I had better get back to work in the real world!!

Blessings to all and Christ’s peace,

Deborah signing off!