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Geography of Biblical Israel Crossword Puzzle

Well, September 14th is the beginning of a 10-week class on the history and geography of Israel (with most of the emphasis on the Biblical time period). I know, I know! You are asking, “How in the world can you cover all that in 10-weeks?” All I can say is “fasten your seatbelts, folks!”

A Walk through the Holy Land will be on Tuesday mornings and again on Tuesday evenings. I’ve created a crossword puzzle to give you a foretaste of some of the things we will be covering. If you find any mistakes, please call 911 and let me know straight away!

I’ve put it in pdf format and it’s about 6 pages long (clues are a little longer than the NYTimes!)

Biblical Israel Crossword Puzzle

Biblical Israel Crossword Puzzle

I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, email me at!