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Where to Start?

There is sooo much to think about when one desires to turn their minivan into a home/office! And thankfully there is a ton of ideas to be found about this conversion process on this thing called the world wide web. After bombarding myself with all the neat ideas online, it proved way to difficult for me to come up with a plan layout all at once. So I thought, I’ll just put a floor down and see if that provides some inspiration!

So I took out the back seat and put it on the berm out back, and lo…within 40 minutes it was gone. I haven’t done that to the two middle seats yet (though Clay would like his garage back!). I took out all the plastic guides for the chairs that were on the floor.

Next, once Trinka came down from Michigan to visit, we created a template of the back of my van using 2 pieces of long butcher paper and a compass (not the directional kind, but the kind that you can poke your eye out with if your not careful!).

That template was then used to cut the subfloor and flooring and to help with van layout of my office/bed! It looks soooo much smaller when surrounded by a big garage…I feel like I take up the whole space by just lying on my back. I hope I’m not over estimating the doability of all this!!

Anyway, here is the beginning of my flooring project. Thanks be to God, and to Eric at Home Depot for giving me the extra slats I needed to have enough to cover the whole back! I take it as God’s smiling providence on this whole adventure. Not to say that things don’t get tough when we are doing things His way, but when Eric said “ah just take them up front and let the cashier know I told them you could have them”….I couldn’t help but shake my head and think “God, are you serious? You know I’m going to take these kind of events as winks of Your go-ahead.” Well, I consider Him warned anyway!
The beginning of laying floor in my van

The beginning of laying the floor down in my new “home”!