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Week 8: Exodus – Deuteronomy: The Law

Often times this is when people get bogged down in their efforts to read the Bible straight through…all the statutes, edicts, law, commandments, judgments, etc of Torah, particularly Leviticus, can feel a bit overwhelming, and truthfully, a bit archaic! ¬†While reading the few samples provided in our selections this week, try not to get too befuddled with the particulars, but recognize it is Yahweh attempting to make His chosen people who were to serve others, distinct, different, just, holy, and healthy.

I’m sure you will be surprised to find yourself recognizing some of the passages you read. The New Testament quotes from the book of Leviticus very often. That serves as the best commentary in understanding more fully this detailed book, as well as the rest of the Torah and Old Testament.

By clicking on the picture below you will see a 4-page handout that hopefully will shed a little light on the law…

Depiction of a scroll containing Torah written in Hebrew

Depiction of a scroll containing Torah written in Hebrew