35 Days ’tili Blast Off!

October 14th is my departure date from Frisco, TX. I’m glad I have something as exciting as a Round-the-USA trip to look forward to, in order to ease the pain of the separation from the wonderful community here at St. Philip’s.

Pat Spurlock's Birthday Party

My Wednesday Lunch Pal’s Birthday Party Crew!

House Blessing at Cindy's 9/7/2014

House Blessing at Cindy Marshall’s place Sept 7, 2014

With the movers having come to the old Pineview homestead this past week, everything I need for the year-long trip has been put into my van/office/bedroom!

All packed up and ready to head to Houston

Movers got it all packed and headed to Houston in 1.5 days…bye bye books!

Nothing that I might “possibly” need has made the cut. Only those things which I can foresee “definitely” needing made it into my 24sq ft space! (ohh, okay, there might be an exception or two…I mean, who really “needs” a stuffed teddy bear?!)

Ahavati in the front seat

My little pal, Ahavati, sitting on the front seat’s shelf that my brother Kenny made for me…don’t worry…he wears a seat belt when we are traveling!! 🙂

I’ll be couch-surfing at a couple of friends’ houses (more like, luxurious guest-bedroom surfing…spoiling me before I start sleeping on a cot fulltime!) until then. Here are my present roommates, with a third due to join us any day now!

My roommates

My present roommates, Bently & Dakota. We’ll hang together for 2 weeks or so!

I would write more frequently on this blog if it weren’t for a task I started back in November last year…developing a chronological bible reading program with handouts to explain each week. I know there are a bunch of those types of bibles and plans out there already, but this one is only one chapter a day covering the whole narrative of the bible without reading all the commentaries and writings about the narrative. In other words, it will read through the whole bible story at one chapter a day for 350 days. But it does not read through the whole bible (that would require 4 chapters a day for 350 days).

Back of the Van

My van/bed/office for the next year! The blue bag underneath the bed is my living room (tailveil.com) and underneath my living room is my kitchen (43-year-old Coleman burner Pat gave me).

With each week’s 7-chapters of readings, I am creating a wee handout that tries to summarize what is being read or at least the book from which a selection or two have come from. Each Sunday we review the previous week’s readings also going over the handout.

Dresser, water, bed, tools, medical kit

This is a view of my 5-drawer dresser, part of my bed, the red medical kit, the wood box that contains all my extra car repair stuff. You can also see my lap desk in the upper right window…love that thing! And yes! The cot is comfy!

Anyway, it requires a gob of time to research the material, then to distill the information down to what I want to include on my limited space of 1 sheet of paper, and then the task of getting it on that paper in a user-friendly readable fashion. I am always running up to the deadline on these weekly handouts! I’m thankful for a patient editor! I’m on week 37 of the 50 planned. You can see God’s Story from “Creation” to “Jesus’ Prayer life” out on http://www.stphilipsfrisco.org/CBR/ and click on each week individually.


God’s Story Chronological Bible Reading Plan

I’m sneaking this blog post in before I actually have this week’s handout done. But I thought a little breather might give a spark of inspiration!

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