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So Much to Consider…

Wow! There is a lot that has to be thought about if one were to try and turn their minivan into a camper worthy of living in for a year and taking to the 48 national parks in the lower USA! I’m tempted to just get started and add things as I go along!

The “goal” of this year (as fluid as it may be) is threefold.

  1. To get lots of work done (I’ve been neglecting for far too long)
  2. To experience solitude with God and His creation for meditative and prayer sake
  3. To enjoy the opportunity of adventuring around the continental USA in a beat up old van!

The two main features of this camper will need to be an office and a sleeping area. Here is something I got in the mail this past week, that I hope works out really well for providing a bug free home office during this trip:


Tail Veil

Tail Veil tent that hooks up to the tailgate of the van. Cristy and I set it up without reading the instructions in less than 3 minutes!

Of course there are the other things that are also required, eating, drinking, depositing! I think I’ll write up a list of things that I need to research and/or get in order for this to be a great year.

  • I’d like to design a murphy twin bed to store on the side wal
  • I’d have to have a desk that will house my monitor and laptop
  • should it be portable or fixed in the van?
  • Electricity to operate said laptop and monitor
  • deep cycle battery with inverter or just more computer batteries? Solar panels or recharge off car battery?
  • Internet access
  • Do I go hotspot with ATT or Verizon? Or do I get something like Autonet Mobile CarFi Router? Do I have to get a phone if I go hotspot? How much data will I need to transfer for work?
  • Will I need a Wilson Electronic Signal booster if I go hotspot since I will be in many isolated places?
  • I definitely need to get a new battery for my work computer. It’s totally capute
  • In which direction should I go? Yes, follow the weather but what about routing
  • all national parks (not other national memorials, monuments, historic sites, etc)
  • all state capitals
  • all family locations
  • other sites that interest me in each state
  • Is there such a thing as a free routing app? Does google have something? Need to research that out
  • Budget….there is no set rate for camping at national parks. What is all this going to cost? Not even mentioning the cost of repairing the van…but just the operation of it…gas, camping fee, food, etc
  • is there a site close to the national park that will be cheaper?
  • A comfortable chair for this aging body to sit at the desk
  • portable or fixable?
  • How would a rooftop a/c compare to new auto a/c vs no a/c at all?
  • What kind of lighting would I need?
  • battery operated lantern, push button LED lights, or get LED that hook up to battery?
  • Will I need a frig? Or is a cooler enough? do I need it any cold at all?
  • Water…should I have a sink? How many gallon tanks should I get? Should I get electric pump? Can this somehow convert to a shower? What about hot water? Drinkable water?
  • Cooking…over fires only? One canister cooker or actually get a burner? What pots and pans would I need to take?
  • What are the tools I need to bring on this trip? Though I love drills and saws, I suspect it will be more mechanical stuff than that!
  • What spare car parts should I be bringing along?
  • What about having a homing beacon even if I do get a cell phone?
  • Borrow my mother’s camera!
  • What do I put in my first aid kit?
  • What am I going to do about laundry? bathroom? shower?

So much to think about! Whew! I guess on that note, I’ll see about trying to make some progress on the flooring this beautiful Sunday afternoon! It’s a great day to be alive!