In the time of Crisis

Off to a new trail! A few friends and I are going to study through the book of Joshua at a nice slow pace, which is more suitable for blogging than my Jehu-paced read through of the Bible in Chronological order (using the NIV Daily Bible: In Chronological Order Bible).

So a few scrambled ramblings on just the first chapter. Hopefully something more polished will be forthcoming in the next post!

1:1 After the Death of Moses

I’m struck by the awesomeness of the statement that

The Lord spoke to Joshua

The God of the universe, who with but a word, created the cosmos, bends down to converse with Joshua, a mere administrative assistant.

And He did it, just as the magnitude of the crisis settled on Joshua…

Moses, the servant of the Lord, had died

and the 2 million people then became his responsibility. Gulp! But it is encouraging to go through the Bible noting just how often the Lord shows up just when we are in the middle of a crisis.

As Isaiah 45:3 says, there are treasures to be found in the midst of the dark places. And the Lord speaking to you…that is a treasure, for sure!

1:2 Action

I don’t know if we are reading everything God said to Joshua, but just imagine if the Lord started His conversation

“Moses, My servant is dead.”

And if that wasn’t discouraging enough, He then goes on to say,

“Now…arise…go…you and ALL the people”

Starts off kind of discouraging and overwhelming really.

1) You’re alone and feeling directionless.

2) I need for you to take some action, and you cannot procrastinate this.

3) And you are responsible for all these people.

4) AND you are to motivate them to go into that land once described as “a land of giants, while we look like grasshoppers.”

No wonder the rest of the chapter the Lord spends His time assuring Joshua that he is strong and courageous. And that he is to be strong and courageous!

1:3 Weight is required!

EVERY place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you, as I said to Moses.

Notice that it is not, “every place the your eye sees” but rather every place that the sole of their foot tread upon. We have put all of our weight on God’s provisions. We can’t just give it lip service or eye service.

I’m challenged to think of it as God’s promises, or His word. I’ve got to do more than just read the word, or recite His promises. I need to put all my weight on it. My whole being. I need to rest wholly on His promises and walk fully in His path!

And what a provision that is! Notice that it doesn’t limit it at all. EVERY place. No exception. I wonder why I don’t go out and take more walks for the Lord and claim the land for my own based on this promise!

Well, there you have it! Three whooping verses! And really, I’m tempted to go on a little more about those verses!

1:1 Characters

Moses represents the law, and it is only when the law is dead, that The Lord is Salvation (Joshua/Jesus) can lead us into the Promised Land!

Joshua, who was born as Oshea (Salvation) had his name changed by Moses. Moses knew that the day would come for Joshua to lead them into the land. And it seems he knew the people would be inclined to idolize their leader and would mistaken Joshua himself as Salvation. So Moses renamed him so each time someone called for their leader or chanted his name, they would be reminded of the truth that it is The Lord who is our Salvation!

Joshua was content to play second fiddle to Moses.

The hardest instrument to play
Is second fiddle, so they say
And I believe this is so
I’ve tried, but haven’t mastered it though
It takes more grace than pen can tell
To play the second fiddle well.

Joshua is 80-90 years old. Probably banked on living out his life as an assistant. Don’t ever think you’re retired!

1:2-3 Am Giving and Have Given

Interesting how in 1:2 the Lord says “this land I am giving to them,”

while in 1:3 it says, every place that they tread upon “I have given you.”

Perhaps it is like Jesus who is are representative, has been given all power and authority into His hands. While it is up to us to go into the land and face the opposition to claim it as our own (by the power of God almighty)!

Gracious Lord, I’m so thankful You speak to us, even when there is not a crisis. That Jesus Christ can now be our trysting place. Thank you for the promises and Your word. I pray Father that I will put all my weight and trust in You and Your word. Open my heart Lord, and have Your way with it, during this time in Joshua together with some friends! Own us! Amen!

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