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Psalm 2

Seems like the theme of Psalm 2 is similar to the first Psalm. Comparing the last verse of each chapter, we have those whom the Lord knows and those who opt to not know Him.

Psalm referring to Jesus
This Psalm ultimately refers to Jesus Christ and the plotting that occurred against Him. The fulfillment of this can be demonstrated in the one example of Herod and Pilate (who were lifelong enemies) becoming friends when it came to needing to plot against the Lord and His Anointed!

John 17:3 says that knowing Him is eternal life…oh for more of that eternal life in the here and now!

Genesis 4:1 says that Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived! I guess the idea of kissing the Son ain’t too far off from knowing Him!

George Handel’s “Why do the nations”

Rage leads to folly
Where there is much rage, there is generally much folly. Certainly true in this case. It’s like men plotting together as to how they might extinguish the sun with a garden hose!

In Psalm 1 we saw the blessed man meditating on the Lord and His Word and His goodness. The blessed man gives careful and full attention to it. Oh, what blessed delight and prosperity!

In Psalm 2 we see the rebellious man meditating on the Lord and how he might be done with God and His high standards, once and for all. The foolish man gives careful and full attention to it. Oh, what vanity and futility!

George Handel’s “Let us break their bonds asunder”

Bonds and Cords
Sometimes I feel as though I would be happier if not restrained by the words of the Lord and His ways, and simply did things my way. But this passage is a good reminder of what the end result will be. I’m not talking about heaven and hell necessarily, but derision, distress, displeasure versus purity, passion, prosperity.

God is a bondage-breaker, not a bondage-bringer.

George Handel’s “He that dwelleth in heaven”

Is God Laughing in Mockery?
God sits in the heavens, calm and unthreatened. Man’s boldest efforts to oppose such awesome power is ludicrous. The Almighty doesn’t even rise from His throne; He just laughs.

But is this a heartless or cruel laughter? No! His same infinite greatness that mocks man’s defiance also marks His sympathy for man in his lost condition.

But God’s laughter gives us the assurance that Christ will ultimately triumph over evil. All will be made right within us and around us. Instead of opposing the Son, kiss the Son and take refuge in Him.

God Speaks
Before God acts against defiant man, He first speaks to them.

This shows the great mercy of God. He has every reason and every right to simply act against defiant man. Love and mercy compel God to speak a word of warning before He acts. Listen, O my soul, to His pleas.

God’s Will is Done
While the nations of the earth combine all their wisdom and hoist it against God, the Lord still accomplishes His will by establishing His King upon His Holy Hill!

My heart takes comfort, that though the waves and winds may cause circumstantial distress, the Lord has established a King in my heart and has given me an Anchor steadfast and sure!

Outline of Psalm 2

  • The first 3 verses reveal the foolishness of the rebellious man
  • The next 3 verses gives us a peak at what the Father is doing in heaven
  • The following 3 verses records for us the Son’s mind and recollection
  • And the last 3 verses affords us sound counsel from the Psalmist himself

You are My Son
The writer to the Hebrews uses verse 7 to give proof to his readers that Jesus Christ is better than a prophet, angel or great teacher…He is God our Saviour, the Lord’s Anointed!

Ask of Me, and I will give You…
Though in this passage, the Father’s generosity is written to show the kings of the nations they are but the Anointed’s possession, I often take this verse and make it my missionary verse.

I will give you the nations for Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession!

O to have the nations given to Christ, who is our inheritance, both visibly and presently, and that I might have a part in seeing that happen!

George Handel’s “Thou shalt break them”


Those who will not bend, must break.

O dear Lord, make me flexible and pliable in Your hands!

God in mercy is reaching out to the very kings and judges who have spun their wheels taking counsel against the Almighty. Let us not give any up as hopeless.

  • Serve the Lord
  • Rejoice
  • Kiss the Son–both in subjugation and love
  • Trust in Him

Who would object to such sound counsel and life purpose?


Psalm 1 shows two choices:

  1. Firmly Planted or
  2. Blown like Chaff

Psalm 2 shows us two choices as well:

  1. Broken or
  2. Blessed

Gracious God, thank You for the invitation to Kiss the Son, to serve You and to rejoice and be blessed. With Solomon, I ask for a discerning heart and for the strength to follow through with wisdom’s choices. You are King and Lord, and I love You. Amen.

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