Step One to Step Twelve

Zechariah 8 continues to answer the inquiry made at the beginning of chapter 7 of whether or not we should continue to remember the sins of our past that took us into a 70-year captivity! You just gotta love this chapter!

Truth and Love Must Prevail

The Lord declares that His passionate love for Israel has not diminished.
A series of sayings of the Lord assures His people that they are the objects of His love. The hard-heartedness of their fathers in 7:11-14 has not swayed the Lord from His commitment to Jerusalem and her people.
Zechariah describes at length the prosperity awaiting the chosen city. The Lord had returned to dwell there (and where ever the Lord is there is freedom and transformation), and the old men and women who were at the end of life should join with happy boys and girls who were at the beginning in the enjoyment of the blessings of peace. 
So entirely would the memory of the past be obliterated that fateful anniversaries would soon fade from their minds. Indeed they would discover that their dark days had been the source and origin of their glad ones.
One last thought from Dr. James Boice regarding the last verse:
“We are all clinging to the seamless robe of that one Jew, Jesus of Nazareth, who because of His work on the cross is the only basis on which anyone may approach God and entreat Him for spiritual blessings.” 
Lord, we are so thankful that you can even redeem our poor choices and use them for good. It takes no great God to use good people who always makes the right choices. But what a marvellously gracious and powerful God You are, that can take rebels, self-willed, constantly-finding-trouble, children and use them to minister to others. 

I pray for all those who trapped by addictions and are working the 12 step program. Let them discover how You can turn their powerlessness into a care and compassion and ministry to others. 

We pray for those who meet at St. Philip’s for AA, and that anyone in the Bright Zone who struggles with powerlessness, that they would come and see Your transforming power in their lives. I pray that if the Harrington’s are experiencing any captivity or bondage, that You will be their Savior and Deliverer! Amen

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