Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness, my beauty are, my royal dress

Love, Love, Love chapter three, probably because I feel like a brand plucked from the fire!

Purified for God’s Service
The regulation for the maintenance of the priesthood had fallen into disuse, and they had neither robes, vessels, nor proper provisions or offerings. Probably also the spiritual life of the priests was at a very low ebb (Malachi 1 – 2). 
Satan is always discovering the weak spots in character and thrusting at them. He is keen as steel and cruel. But we have One who pleads. He ever lives to make intercession for us. “The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan.”
We are brands scorched and charred with the burning. But we have been plucked out of the consuming flame. Surely then we are being kept for some high and useful purpose. All the past is an arugment for faith. That God has done so much is a pledge that He will perfect that which concerns us, because His mercy endures forever. (Psalm 138:8)
What a blessing to have the filthy garments removed and to be clothed by God’s righteousness in Christ Jesus! It is not enought to be cleaned from sin. Whom He justifies, He also glorifies. let us be content with nothing short of God’s best and fullness!
Zinzendorf’s hymn states it so conscisely
Lord, we have all been charred one way or another, and find ourselves sitting in filthy garments. How thankful we are for our royal robe of righteousness found in Christ Jesus. Each morning as we dress ourselves, help us to remember what a blessing it is to be made pure by the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. 

I pray that You will empower St. Philip’s to be a faithful minister of this wonderful Gospel, and that specifically, the Bright Zone and the Harrington family will experience deliverance from the flame and purity in Jesus Christ. In His name, Amen!

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