Administration & Boundaries

Nebuchadnezzar (Neb) has a gift I greatly long for…that of administration! I mean, just look at this guy in Daniel 1

He didn’t let prejudice prevent him from choosing top notch cabinet members. He had the ability to look past nationality and race.
He also had a knowledgeable support staff in place. Somebody had to figure out what the measurable data points were to decide upon who of the captive Judean children were the wisest, knowledgeable, quickest to understand, gifted, good looking and able to serve.
I was at a training yesterday where a few hours were spent trying to decide how a successful release from prison could be measured and evaluated, over a 5-year period. We could have used some of Neb’s statisticians!
Not only that, Neb was generous (if you overlook the fact that they were exiles!). He was willing to give king’s food and wine to entice them to be the best that they could be…for him! 
And if that were enough for a busy man, who was the CEO of Business Babylon…he took the time to individually interview these young men! 
And with no apologies, he declares “that these here f’r’ners” were ten times wiser than all else he had interviewed. He had discernment on top o fit all!
He just seems to be a man who plays his cards well, surrounds himself with a knowledgeable support staff, has lofty vision, and actually follow throughs on it. Let’s just say…I’m a bit jealous!
Then there is the second guy in this story who awakens any jealousy that remained dormant! Daniel was indeed a man of wisdom, understanding and discernment…from the very beginning!
Even though he could have justified violating his conscience (or his gut, or his convictions, or whatever you want to call it) due his station in life as a prisoner, he wisely presented his case. There is no default living with this guy!
He knew to respect those over him. He knew exactly what he wanted. He clearly articulated it. And he came up with a proposal that would help him and his three friends, as well as protect the chief eunuch, Ashpenaz.
Daniel set a boundary, went through all the added hubbub, put himself to the test, just so he could keep his self-respect and honor God. 
He learned it was so worth it. I want to too!

Lord, make me a Daniel…wise, discerning, articulate, daring, convicted, clearheaded, willing to pay the cost, diplomatic and yet truthful. I know it is because of You (verse 9) that Daniel prospered in favor and goodwill. Lord, give me strength and resolve to “Dare to be a Daniel!”

Dare to stand alone!
Dare to have a purpose firm!
Dare to make it known.

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  1. Posted by Trinka on February 2, 2009 at 11:41 am

    This was a blessing this morning. I’ve missed your blogs.I think delegation is a big part of skill at administration. If you’re not naturally skilled at something, find those who are, and pass it along to them.You have had a WONDERFUL example of this in L.P. As much as we smile about it … things got done, and others did them. :)You’ve got yourself good admin types there, and they work mighty cheap. 🙂


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