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Personalized Leadings from God!

Esther 1:3 & Esther 2:16 gives us indication that the “After these things” found in 2:1 doesn’t just mean “after the party that had a flopped-finale,” but is broader than just the events of the previous chapter. These verses show us that there was a four-year span between chapters one and two.

During that time King Ahasuerus (Xerxes) made an unsuccessful invasion of Greece and he came home a defeated man, wanting to cheer his heart through sensual diversions. There was no Vashti to soothe his weary-worn state. So……..let’s have a “Miss Persian Empire” contest.

It seems that Esther didn’t really have a choice about whether she was going to a participant in this event or not. And yet we see how God can used the evil of man. God did not make Ahasuerus drunk, or make him demand that his queen present herself in an immodest way before the governors of the kingdom; yet God allowed this sinful action of man to fulfill a purpose in His greater plan.

I find assurance in the truth that no other person, no matter how evil they are, can defeat God’s plan for my life, no matter what they have done to me or will do to me.

Esther and Mordecai were part of the large Jewish community that was forced to relocate out of Judah, and then decided not to return with Ezra. I wonder how many returning Jews judged Mordecai and Esther for staying behind in “the world” and partaking in its system. And yet we see just how remarkable Esther’s life has been so far.

She was the child of Jewish exiles, who both died (or were they murdered as the movie depicts it?); she was raised by her cousin in a foreign and often hostile land; she was taken by compulsion into the king’s harem; she found favor with all whom she met; and she was finally selected to be the queen of the realm.

Is it possible that God could lead some to return to “God’s Country” and just as certainly, lead some to stay behind in “worldly Babylon”?

Great Shepherd, thank You that You are not just a book full of rules that we can turn to for guidance, but that we can come to You individually, personally and intimately. Thank You that You know exactly what we were made for, with our characteristics, our traits and sensitivities and You have a plan for us. I pray You would help me to walk in Your way for me and discover the joy of it all! Also, grant me discernment when to “judge” and when not to! In Your name, Amen.