Became Great…God was with Him

Prior to this 3rd anointing of David as king in 2 Samuel 5, only one of the tribes of Israel recognized David as king at all (Judah). The other tribes recognized the son of Saul, the puppet Ishbosheth, as king.

After Ishbosheth is murdered, they then turn to David. The tribes only turned to David after their previous choice was taken away. How often I recognize Jesus as king in an area of my life only when my other choices crumble!

Lord Jesus, I desire to chose You outright rather than going through the heartbreak and trials of my other choices failing me!

This 3rd anointing of David is described in greater detail in 1 Chronicles 12:23-40. It tells of the great assembly that gathered in Hebron to finally recognize David as king over all Israel. Chronicles describes the impressive army that came to Hebron, and numbers the ranks at over 340,000 men. The scene is depicted as:

All these men of war, who could keep ranks, came to Hebron with a loyal heart, to make David king over all Israel; and all the rest of Israel were of one mind to make David king. And they were there with David three days, eating and drinking, for their brethren had prepared for them…for there was joy in Israel.

  • David was first anointed by the prophet Samuel when he was about 15.
  • Then the kingly tribe of Judah anointed him in Hebron when he was 30 years old.
  • And finally at the age of 37, God’s promise is realized where all Israel unites under the reign of David.

Twenty-two years later!

David spent at least 15 years in preparation for the 40-year-long throne of Israel. God uses great preparation when the task is great. In God’s plan there is almost always a hidden price of greatness. It seems that those who become ‘great’ among God’s people experience much pain and difficulty in God’s training process.

I love this quote by Alan Redpath, and so I’ll force it right here! The Jebusites thought their city impenetrable, so much so, that they mocked David saying that even their lame and blind could defend so great a city! But as Alan said about that besetting sin that we think unconquerable,

“I want to say to you in the name of the Lord Jesus that there is no habit that has gone so deep but that the power of the blood of Jesus can go deeper, and there is no entrenchment of sin that has gone so far but the power of the risen Lord, by His Holy Spirit, can go further.”

So as it was with the fortress on Mt. Zion, even so shall my immovable mountain fortress of sin be defeated by the Son of David, Jesus Christ!

David could have written the original The Purpose Driven Life! What peace and purpose there is when we can know the three things David knew:

  • David knew that the Lord had established him as king over Israel: David knew that God called him and established him over Israel.
  • He had exalted His kingdom: David knew that the kingdom belonged to God – it was His kingdom.
  • For the sake of His people Israel: David knew God wanted to use him as a channel to bless His people. It was not for David’s sake that he was lifted up, but for the sake of His people Israel.

But even in his purpose driven life, he fought his battles and made poor choices. When David took more concubines and wives to himself, he was in direct disobedience to Deuteronomy 17:17: Neither shall he multiply wives for himself, lest his heart turn away.

And though the David and everyone else around him may have seen his many children as God’s sign of blessing upon him; we read that most of the trouble to come in David’s life comes from his relationship with women and from his children.

Here David was with great success and prosperity (the Lord was with him despite these choices) and David is sowing seeds of trouble for the future. There were no immediate ramifications for his actions, but the seeds were buried away and was only enduring a gestation period before blooming into full blown coup!

Yet, despite his inability to exercise discernment in his intimate relationships, he was wise enough to wait on the Lord before the second battle that would affect all of Israel.

If in the same situation of facing a second battle, I would have said, “I’ve fought this battle before. I know how to win. This will be easy.” But David didn’t run on the fuel of yesterday’s victory. He always triumphed when he sought and obeyed God.

We just finished a Bible study by Priscilla Shirer regarding Discerning the Voice of God. A quote from the old commentator Adam Clark seems to tie in nicely with that Bible Study and today’s passage:

“How is it that such supernatural directions and assistances are not communicated now? Because they are not asked for; and they are not asked for because they are not expected; and they are not expected because men have not faith; and they have not faith because they are under a refined spirit of atheism, and have no spiritual intercourse with their Maker.”

O Word become Flesh, grant me ears to hear, and a heart that believes. Teach me what “spiritual intercourse with the Maker” looks like.

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