Patience of David

I have been googling and reading and contemplating the relationship between David and Jonathan, and thought perhaps that I could scribble out my thoughts in a day or two’s time. But there seems to be a gaping hole missing in all the commentaries about these two fellows.

They seem to fall within one of two camps.
1) They were just commonly good close friends; or
2) they were homosexual lovers.

I’m not convinced that either one is correct. Perhaps we are missing from our American mindset a third type of relationship, that more suitably describes the convenantal relationship between Jonathan and David.

So, since I have not done with that project, I thought it best not to delay the continuing on with our readings in 2 Samuel. And will be blogging tonight about 2 Samuel 2.

David inquired of the Lord.

How much of David’s successes hinged on this very practice of his? David wanted more than God’s blessings on his plans, but he wanted to be right smack dab in the middle of God’s plan.

So instead of David taking the fleshly opportunity to capitalize on the chaos in Israel following Saul’s death, David “inquires of the Lord.”

How often I am inclined to force a calling or a promise using the arm of flesh instead of waiting God’s perfect timing. Remember, David was anointed king of Israel by Samuel 15 to 20 years before this.

I not only struggle with manipulating myself and others, but also trying to manipulate God Himself! David resisted such a temptation!

David receives a second anointing at the hands of more people. O thank God that He meets with us in a special way more than once at the beginning of our Christian journey. But He gives us milestones along the way!

And I would just suggest that this anointing came as a result of getting making amends and getting reconciled with the people of Judah.

Seems like Abner still has ought against David from the embarrassement suffered at his hands in 1 Samuel 26 where Abner failed to protect his cousin, king Saul (though David did spare his life!).

So Abner set up Ishbosheth, son of Saul (perhaps an illegitimate one – considering the name), to be king, though he certainly seems to be playing the puppet to Abner.

And if David’s sparing of Saul, the Lord’s anointed, mystified us, what are we to make of this man-made uprising by Ishbosheth that lasted for two years?

Clearly, Ishbosheth and the tribes that followed after him, could have been defeated if the ratio was 20:360 in just one of the battles. But David exercised ridiculous (or so I would have assessed it) patience, longsuffering and trust in God.

I can’t help but notice the similarily between David not forcing his reign on anyone, and how that the Son of David won’t force Himself on us either.

O Patient, Spotless One! Reign over me! Tear down any false pretenders to the throne of my heart. Purify my heart and make it wholly Thine. Please give insight into David and Jonathan’s relationship as well.

Just for the record, Abner is Saul’s cousin. Joab, Abishai and Asahel were David’s nephews, the sons of his sister Zeruiah.

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