God Saving Us from Ourselves

In 1 Samuel 29, David finds himself in a place he thought he would never be: among the enemies, ready to fight against God’s people over whom he was suppose to be king!

Remember, it all started two chapters ago when David said in his heart “I shall perish…there is nothing better for me.”

Guardian of my heart, set a centurion over my heart and all that it contemplates.

I imagine as David sought refuge among the enemy from Saul’s murderous chases, that he would have thought 1-1/2 years later he would be willing to fight against his very own people. It all started with a quest for security and stability.

Lord Jesus, I want to only thirst after You and to know You, which is eternal life.

We see David having an identity crisis. He forgot who he was – a Hebrew, a part of God’s people. David would have never come to this point in his faith journey if he would have remembered who he was – a child of God destined to be the king of the Israelites (even though it did not immediately appear so!)

The Philistine leaders knew who he really was though! Even though David had forgotten for a season. The Lord is so merciful to somehow continue to use us as a testimony even while we are in the midst of making poor choices.

Father and King, help me to walk in the truth and power of who I am in Christ!

It’s kind of funny to read Achish’s defense of David as from a coworkers point of view in today’s society. “Oh no, Deborah isn’t a Christian at all, I’ve seen how she has lived over the last 16 months and she really is just as ordinarily selfish as the rest of us!”

Captain of my soul, protect my witness and lifestyle so that I shall never feel at home in the army of the enemy.

What a blessing! What a mericul Saviour and coordinator of events, that He would use people rejecting David (who likes to be rejected anyway?) in David’s life as a means of saving him from the shame of fighting against the people he was to rule over! God does make all things work together for good!

“He shall not go up with us to the battle…as soon as you are up early in the morning and have light, depart…”

David wanted to fight with the Philistines against Israel, but God wouldn’t let him. David’s heart is not in a healthy place, but God hasn’t abandoned him! I praise God for the times when He kept me from sinning as bad as I wanted to sin!

Oh Blessed Deliverer! Thank You for Your mercy and protection. Thank You for the times You have orchestrated my circumstances to protect me from myself. And thank You for the times where You just strengthened me to want and choose the better way!

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