God Meets Us Where We Are!

And we thought David was in a bad place placing his trust in his own heart… but in 1 Samuel 28 Saul seems to be trying to one-ups-him by running to a witch for direction!

Samuel’s death seems to be mentioned here to emphasize the spiritual vacuum that his absence created. It appears that this void was created by Saul ignoring the words of God that he did know.

Saul knew that God did not want him hunting David and trying to kill him. Saul confessed as much in passages such as 1 Samuel 24:16-20 and 26:21.

Yet, Saul disregarded what he knew to be God’s will in this matter. I suppose if I want God to guide me, I’ll need to follow what guidance I do have from Him.

Lord, help me to walk fully in all that You have shown me so that I may know more of You!

I’m impressed with Jesus praying the night before choosing His 12 disciples. As I look at Saul’s servants and friends who helped him find the medium instead of attempting to dissuade him from this very wicked practice, I pray

Oh Lord, surround me with wise and confrontative friends. And help me to be such a friend!

Saul took lightly the word of God with its prohibitions (Leviticus 19:31, 20:6, 27; Deuteronomy 18:9-14) and promised curse (Leviticus 20:6). So simply by not taking the Word at His word, he brought upon himself a curse of God’s face being set against that person.

Oh, Blessed Living Word, increase my faith to take Your word more seriously and live wholly by it.

Interesting that the last time we read Saul using the name of the Lord is to swear to a medium that she will not be punished!

Father, whose name is hallowed, keep me from taking Your name in vain and using it to my own ends.

What a merciful Father we serve! Even as Saul turns to a witch for counsel, the Lord in His great mercy and faithfulness, meets him exactly where he is.

He sends Samuel himself to warn the king of his death, so that he might have an opportunity to make his peace with his Maker. And so when we close our ears to God, He will find unusual – and perhaps uncomfortable – ways to speak to us!

Merciful Saviour, thank You for Your great patience in meeting me exactly where I am.

Strangely, though Saul knew that God would not speak to him in any other way, or through any of the other prophets, he thought that somehow or some way the godly prophet Samuel, conjured by a medium, would speak wisdom to him! Even more strangely, Samuel did! And the message hadn’t changed with time – God’s edict remained the same.

O King of Righteousness, work in me a thankfulness for Your ways and the power to walk steadfastly in them. I desire to talk to You as face to face, and not through any convoluted means.

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