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Abigail’s Restrains David. Holy Spirit be my Abigail!

In chapter 24 I marveled at David’s restraint and strength to resist the temptation to wreak vengance against a man seeking to kill him.

In today’s chapter, 1 Samuel 25, I am reminded that beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I cannot stand against the enemy of my soul unless the Lord upholds me moment by moment.

Because in today’s lesson, David doesn’t show Nabal the same kindness and longsuffering that he showed Saul. In just the previous chapter, we saw how David spared Saul’s life, when Saul not only insulted David, but actually attacked him and tried to kill him. David was able to be victoriously kind and longsuffering to Saul, and yet, his guard cannot come down against the sin of vengance.

So this story of Nabal tells me that however long I may have been walking in recovery, or however often I may have onvercome one temptation or another, sin can strike in a single moment and crush me, unless the Lord intervene and protects.

Lord Jesus, Great Guardian of my soul, grant me David’s spirit from yesterday’s chapter, able to chose wisely despite the loss of a dream. Keep me from impassioned sin, and put an “Abigail” in my way whenever I strike out on a trail that will surely lead to disappointment.

“Blessed be the LORD, who has … kept His servant from evil!”

David knew the blessing here of being kept from sin. It surely is a blessing to be forgiven our sins; but it is an even greater blessing to be kept from sin.

Reminds me of how Spurgeon once advised about the need to seek forgiveness of our sins less often if we would seek the Lord more diligently to be kept from sin to begin with.

“There is no way of keeping out the fire of sin except by having the fire of grace blazing within the spirit. We must fight fire with fire.”

Oh Consuming Fire, purify and cleanse within. Let the fire of grace blaze within my spirit and raise my thoughts and actions up to You.