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Yesterday we heard Gad tell David to get up out of the stronghold and to go to the dangerous place where Saul lived in Judah. And if he had not pay heed, the Keliahites would not have been able to send word to request his help.

So even in the midst of crisis and trials God may still be calling us to rise up and come to the aid of others. The Lord may call us out to a more dangerous place than where we are, so we can serve and bless His people more effectively.

In 1 Samuel 23, David could have excused himself from this call for help immediately, without even seeking God. Afterall, it was Saul’s job, not his own.

Or he could have seen it is a great opportunity to gain a following and usurp Saul from his kingly position by playing the hero.

But instead, David shows wisdom and inquired of the Lord.

And the Lord guides him…into more trouble. He already had one enemy in Saul, now he was just adding oil to the fire by stirring up the ire of the Philistines.

And of course, as soon as the Philistines are routed, all Israel (including that murderous king) would know where he was. But the command of God and the need of the people compelled David to endanger himself.

Saul’s premises were correct:

  • God did lead David to Keliah
  • Being in Keliah exposed David to Saul’s attack

But it was not true that the Lord had delivered him into my hand,

David was in a bad place, and he was in a bad place because the Lord led him there. Some might be angry with the Lord, and even give a “I told You this would happen!” to God. Instead, David did the right thing – he inquired of the Lord again!

Jonathan strengthened his hand in God.
Jonathan could not rescue David, but he strengthened his hand in God.
Jonathan couldn’t give David all the answers, but he strengthened his hand in God.
Jonathan couldn’t stay with David, but he strengthened his hand in God.
What a precious gift Jonathan gave David!

Saul knew that David would be the next king, that the Lord had ordained it. Yet, he fights against the will of God with everything he has. Sometimes we do the same thing; we know what God’s will is, but we oppose it by not doing it.

This was the last time David and Jonathan would ever see each other on the earth, and their relationship was still confirmed in the commitmen.

O Great Guide, thank You for Your guidance, protection and deliverance. Just as You led David, I pray that You will direct me by Your Holy Spirit. Thank You Jesus, for praying me home!