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An Era David would just as soon Forget

1 Samuel 21 opens up with David, in leaving on a bleak road where all what is certain is behind him, and all what is uncertain is ahead of him, does a great thing — he goes to the house of the Lord.

I would love to excuse David’s lying here as I would have done the exact same thing, except with a bit more embellishment.

Of course he didn’t want Ahimelech to inform Saul of his whereabouts, nor did he want to risk Ahimelech being harmed by having seen him.

So though David’s first step was right on the mark by going to the house of the Lord, the lying took him into a maddening tailspin with devastating results discovered in 1 Samuel 22:22 (we read about Doeg in that chapter too!)

And though David may have only intended to mention a lie in passing to Ahimelech, as he told it, things began to become elaborate, to the point he even puts false words in the mouth of Saul and “my young men”.

Lieing has, by nature, a snowball effect. And that alone is enough to warn us that there is no such thing as a “little white lie”.

Lord Jesus, help all my words to be life-giving and encouraging. Daily, I pray Thee, keep a cenurion over my lips that will protect me from lies and complaining.

“It is painful to the last degree to see one whose faith towered to such a lofty height in the encounter with Goliath, coming down from that noble elevation, to find him resorting for self-protection to the lies and artifices of an impostor.” (Balikie)