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Healthy Relationship

Well, I missed my time with God Saturday night to look over 1 Samuel 20 together. I was going to do and try two of them tonight, but because of the extremely busy weekend, and the extremely late start I’m getting on today’s rendevouz, I may try to make up the chapter tomorrow instead. (Aside from the fact, my head is bobbin like a V8 piston!)

Hear Jonathan’s heart towards David!

Whatever you yourself desire, I will do it for you.

Jonathan loved David loyally and earnestly, so much so that he could write David a blank check, and really not care what amount was put in the register.

What complete surrender and willingness. I think I will pray it daily to the Lord, all the while knowing it is the Holy Spirit who will enable me to do it!

Jonathan was the Crown prince of Israel. Everyone thought he would be the next king — everyone except David and Jonathan. Jonathan knew that David was called by God to be the next king, and he was willing to step aside so that he would not be resisting the will of the Lord. Jonathan not only loved David, he loved the Lord God!

I admire their relationship. While David is discouraged, Jonathan continues to try and encourage him. He reassures David with words of his love for him, as well as with his help, to search the matter out for him.

A healthy spiritual relationship involves mutual blessing, such as it was between David and Jonathan. Sometimes David was stronger spiritually, and sometimes Jonathan was stronger. But there was a bond in the Lord between the men that could not be broken.

David will not return to “normal life” until Saul is dead and David is king. This is a pretty bleak road for David to walk, but it is God’s road for him. Yes, God often has His people spend at least some time on a bleak road. He wasn’t out of God’s will by being on the run!

Lord Jesus, whatever You Yourself wants, I give it to You. Thank You for friends who seem to have Your mind on many topics. Help me to know, that even on the bleak road of life You are there!

Just a little bonus tidbit:
“the worthiest of minds are least suspicious and most charitable in their opinions of others.” Matthew Poole, 1600’s Bible Commentator