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An Annoyance Led to a Crown!

Tall, Dark, and Handsome…but looking for lost donkeys! Yes, let’s pick him to be the king!

The first 2 verses 1 Samuel 9 talk plenty about Saul’s family, his heritage, his wealth, his appearance, his stature and how he compared with others … but nothing about his relationship with God. And isn’t that just like the Israelites spiritually? Wanting the image of religion regardless of the reality?

Oh Lord, let my image be sacrificed so long as I can have the real substance of a royal life.

I wonder if the donkeys had never gotten lost, or if Kish had sent another son to search for them, if Saul would have become king? Just think about that.

Going about the ordinary business of life (actually, I suppose it was a bit worse than the “usual” life…the donkeys ended up running away and I’m sure Saul had to be annoyed by the whole ordeal of going out looking for them) and closing out the day notified that you’ll be ruler over all the people of God!

Like there’s this fender bender, you might say, that disrupts ordinary life, and the next thing you know, Saul is on the ascent to the throne! Talk about a bad thing turned good! If the beasts had not meandered away, Saul would have never met the person who could change his life!

Charles Spurgeon (my all time favorite) said, “Saul went out to seek his father’s asses, he failed in that search, but he found a crown!”

Lord Jesus, Editor of my life, help me to see every Disappointment as “His appointment”!

Can you imagine coming to a “man of God”… “an honorable man” … a man that “all he says surely comes to pass” … asking for help to find…donkeys? I wonder if some of my requests seem that way to Jesus, small and so much less than what He wants to provide for me! Excuse me, Warren Buffet, could you loan me a dime!

Oh Lord, let me drink of Your fullness, and experience Your wholeness, rather than spend time with donkeys!

If I had the choice to either follow God’s lead by chasing after jackasses or hearing Him talk in my ear…I’d rather be a Samuel!

Open my eyes, Lord
I want to see Jesus.
To reach out and touch Him
To show Him I love Him

Open my ears,Lord
And help me to listen
Open my eyes, Lord
I want to see Jesus