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What to do with a Heavy Heart

My nephew, being the generous lad that he is, is loaning me his computer again this evening, while mine lies in pieces neatly laid out with labels for each screw and spring! Still can’t find where that crazy short is in the motherboard, but we definitely know it is no other component other than the motherboard that is shorting it!

I sure was refreshed by Ruth and the happy ending it came with. We closed off with a child given by the Lord to Ruth, Naomi and Boaz; and then we open Samuel with a child being withheld from Hannah in 1 Samuel 1.

Barrenness was the issue that caused bitterness of soul for her. I know what causes me sorrow of heart. So I am challenged with,

“What do I do when I am in bitterness of soul?”

Let us look at what Hannah did.

  • She went to the house of the Lord.
  • She prayed to the Lord.
  • She wept greatly in anguish.
  • Dealt seriously with the Lord.
  • Poured out her soul to the Lord.
  • Gave the Lord her burden and complaint.

And then aded into the mix is this phrase which gives me great hope:

“So it came to pass in the process of time that Hannah conceived and bore a son.”

Process Of Time….or POT for short. It helps me not lose heart in the delay of an answer or relief. (I guess that is relief in itself, isn’t it?). But the Lord has perfect timing and I don’t want to march out of tune with Him.

Discernment: Just how discerning am I? Look at the High Priest here (Eli) and the difficulty he has in distinguishing drunkenness from a sorrowful spirit. (reminds me of the same difficulty the Jewish leaders had in the days of Pentecost)

I desire to be able to know a person’s heart and hear their soul rather than judge by outward appearance.

Lord, thank You that You know my frame so well, that You know exactly just how much I can hold up and how much I can handle at any given time. I trust Your timing, Your heart, Your decisions for my life, whether in barrenness or fruitfulness. But I desire to always be looking to You to be the Provider. Thank You for being the Loving Father who is interested in all my bitterness of heart and sorrow of soul.