Results of Faith’s Choice

I’m so glad I have something as uplifting and soothing as the book of Ruth to read while I am going through this “crisis”! Well, alright, perhaps “crisis” is a bit dramatic, however…

My life-support (which is a HP zd7000 laptop) has refused to maintain power. I’ve paid $160 for data recovery, but the computer itself I have stripped down to the bare motherboard, thinking that some component was shorting it. But even with just a butt-naked motherboard…it refuses to stay on! And I tell you what, I wouldn’t have had such a delightful time reading Judges 19 at the same time as wrestling with this “crisis”!

I’m borrowing my nephew’s computer to write this and he tells me I have one guitar hero song before he is going to bed. So it may be a short one…and it is a such a good chapter, that I think I will be compelled to revisit Ruth 4 when I have a longer period of time to type it.

Boaz is a winner of a guy. Smart, clever, a man of action, caring, honest, careful, etc. And now he is Ruth’s man! Remember chapter 1, where she made a choice by faith that appeared to be social suicide?

This is just an excellent example of how God more than compensates, His restoration goes beyond our lose, He is a God of replacement!

He’s more than proven that to me in some major areas of my life, but even in these small computer-related issues, I can take heart…He is the editor of my life and knows exactly what is needed to work all things to my good.

I wonder what my David will look like after this HP fiasco is all said and done!

Dear Lord, thank You for Your perfect timing. Thank You for being my Kinsman Redeemer. Help me to be as faithful as Boaz, as grateful as Naomi and as virtuous as Ruth. I want to be Your Obed (Servant).

YYZ is over, so I must sign off. When the outlook appears dark, try the Up Look!

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