Today’s passage is Judges 7. This passage certainly emphasizes the last two days’ lessons…

1) Don’t procrastinate! Can’t you just imagine what would have happened in this situation if Gideon blew his trumpet and broke the pitchers to reveal the light, and the other 299 men had to take some time to mull over whether they would follow suit, or ponder the situation before responding?! As Nike says (which is the victory) “just do it!”

2) God is so accommodating! First of all He lets the fearful depart on their own volition. And secondly, verse 10 kind of cracks me up…

“and if it’s not enough for you Gideon, that I just guaranteed you with My very own words (that were powerful enough to create this whole universe) that your enemies were going to be delivered into your hands…then go on down to their camp and eaves drop on the latest scoop.”

Funny how overhearing his enemies talk strengthened him more than hearing the voice of God promise him the victory!

But I am struck by a third lesson today.

3) Honesty is Beautiful! It’s more than just a signature line (you’d have to get an email from me to understand!), it’s a way of life. God, again showing how understanding He is, deliberately affords an opportunity for people to get honest, without being judged or disparaged (that’s why 12-step programs work so well).

“For anyone who is here just putting on a front, or taking cues from society, or have been pushed into this assignment, or is simply doing it because there is a need, or you’re here because it seems like a good thing to be a part of … but truthfully you are just plain afraid and don’t want to be here … you can go home.”

22,000 returned to their homes. They were honest. They weren’t going to keep the spiritual facade up. They were willing to say: “I’m afraid.” “I struggle.” “I’m tempted.” “I sin.”

And you know what? They may not have gotten to fight in that particular battle, but as a result
1) they were able to be honest
2) God got the glory for the deliverance
3) they were able to enjoy the victory won on their behalf by other people
4) and I imagine their faith was strengthened by the whole event

Lord, help me to be honest, to let other people be a part of my life to help me on the journey of life. And thank You for each victory You give (especially when the odds are 300:innumerable!)

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Trinka on January 16, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    Thanks for this this morning. (doesn’t two “this” look funny together?)It’s so easy for me to make my choices based on my perceptions of others’ expectations, rather than on what God has convicted me to do.Good reminder. (and … as always … you’re spurring me on to be in the Scriptures … thank you.)


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